General FAQ

Which camera is best for me?
That depends on what you’re going to use it for. If your sport is very rough and you expect a lot of hard impacts, then the GoPro might be the best because of it’s “bomb-proof” housing. But other brands have other advantages, such as built in LCD screens, remote controls, and specialized mounts. If you’re unsure, contact us and let us know what you’ll be using it for, and which country you’re in, and we can give you some advice on the best camera for your needs.

The camera I’m interested in isn’t mentioned on your site. Can I get you to review it?
Sure! Just contact us and let us know which action camera you’re in, and we’ll consider posting a review on it to our website.


What’s the difference between the GoPro Hero Original and the new GoPro Hero 2?
Although both cameras are HD1080p, the GoPro Hero 2 is sold as “twice as powerful in every way”. What this means is that it’s sensor is twice as powerful (11MP instead of 5MP), the processor is twice as fast, the lens is twice as sharp, and so on. It also has a few extra features compared to the original, and is definitely worth the extra expense.

Is it true that GoPro cameras are blurry underwater?
The GoPro comes with a standard housing that is waterproof to 197 feet but it has a fish-eye lens, which does cause some vignetting/blurring underwater. However, they have just released a new Dive Housing, with a flat lens, which solves this issue.

Drift FAQ

Does the new Drift HD camera range work with the old Drift Accessories?
Yes and no. The new Drift HD has a standard 1/4 inch thread, which means it will attach to any of the standard Drift mounts and accessories. But Drift have also changed a lot of things on the new HD cameras, especially anything to do with leads and plugs, so there are now a few accessories that are specific to the Drift HD camera.

Are Drift cameras waterproof?
The Drift range of cameras are designed to be splash-proof and water resistant, and could probably survive being dunked underwater briefly, but they are not designed to be taken underwater. However, Drift do sell a waterproof case/pouch which will let you take your Drift camera underwater.

Contour FAQ

Will the Contour GPS and Bluetooth systems work underwater?
If you put your Contour camera in one of their waterproof cases, then GPS and Bluetooth will still work. However, the signal is further reduced by going underwater. So the answer is yes it will still work, but you’ll have problems the deeper you go.


  1. Stu says:

    I’ve heard that the GoPro camera can record in 3D, is that right?

    • Mark Utting says:

      Hi Stu, yes it can, but you’ll need the 3D housing system to do that (see this one for example). It’s basically a housing for two cameras, linked together (so yes you do need to buy a second camera). This will allow you to actually film and watch playback in 3D. It even comes with 3D glasses. Very cool.

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