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GoPro Hero3 Filters

There are some great new “Snap-On” filters available for the GoPro Hero3 camera now.

These snap-on filters are great because you can simply take them on or off as required, no screws, no removing parts of the housing. Just literally snap them on and off.

There is a GoPro Hero3 Red Filter for underwater use and a GoPro Hero3 Polarizing Filter for sunny conditions use.

Check them out.

Drift Versus GoPro Versus Contour

Each of the three main camera brands all have different advantages and disadvantages, and if you search on the Internet you will find no shortage of arguments about which camera brand is better.

But this latest post we found is hard to argue against. The guys at Hurtle Gear outline 8 reasons why Drift is better than GoPro. Do you agree?

Check out the article here: Drift HD v GoPro.

Drift Receives iF Product Design Award

Drift HD GhostDrift Innovation, manufacturers of high quality action cameras, are proud to announce that their latest product, the Drift HD Ghost, has been awarded the prestigious iF Product Design Award 2013. Established in 1953, the iF Product Design Award is today among the most important awards for innovative product design.

Drift Innovation’s Senior Product Design Engineer, Drew Henson said, “This is truly a great honour to win the iF International Product Design Award for our Drift HD Ghost.  The entire Drift team has put forward a tremendous effort in ensuring our customers have the best user experience on the market by refining each and every aspect of our design.  Winning an award seal from the iF committee is special not only as an accolade, but as a reinforcement that design is fundamental in our continued effort to deliver the best products we can in all their shapes and forms.”

Each year, the iF seal of quality, which is recognized the world over, is awarded to excellent design in the three disciplines of product, communication and packaging. Each year, companies use the iF design awards as a seal of quality and customers all over the world know immediately: this is an award-winning product.

The Drift HD Ghost is the perfect balance of design and engineering to deliver the most intuitive and advanced Wi-Fi enabled professional action camera on the market. Its design is centred on its rugged abilities, being 3m waterproof and 2m shockproof with a rotating lens. This ruggedness is carried over to its 2-way remote control as shown by the exposed black gun metal screws intentionally on both designs. The LED status indicator was made in the shape of the company logo using a transparent on frosted glass to show the recording mode of the camera in four different colours that are also shown on the remote control.

GoPro Apologizes Over Hero3 Bugs & Poor Support

GoPro released an official apology on 16 January, apologizing for the recent problems with the release of the Hero3 cameras, and poor support. Here is the statement:

Dear GoPro Community,

All of us at GoPro apologize that many of you have been frustrated by software bugs in early production HERO3 cameras. This is not OK and we feel very badly about it. We believe all known bugs have been fixed with a software update that was published on December 15th athttps://gopro.zendesk.com/home. Most GoPros currently on sale in stores have the most up to date software.

Some of you are experiencing problems updating your cameras but are having a very difficult time getting a hold of us via customer support. There’s no excuse for this. We simply were not prepared for the demand for the HERO3 camera nor the resulting customer service requests associated with the software bugs found in early production units. We are as frustrated as you are. This should be a time of celebration and stoke over how awesome the HERO3 camera is… not a frustrating experience that bums people out.

We are aggressively expanding our Customer Support efforts in order to respond to your questions as quickly as possible and our goal is to quickly improve GoPro Customer Support to be world class. We’re sorry we’re not there yet, but we’re busting tail to get there as quickly as we can. We promise we will get to you as fast as possible. In the meantime, many of your questions can be answered at: www.gopro.com/support 

GoPro has succeeded thanks to the passion we all share for capturing and sharing amazing life experiences with our GoPros. We’re so much further along this journey than we ever imagined possible thanks to the incredible support from you, our customers. When I started GoPro I thought it would be just a small surf company making wrist cameras for surfers. But thanks to all of you…it’s now, well…GoPro, the world’s bestselling and most versatile camera company. But that means it should also have the world’s best customer service. I and the rest of the GoPro team are totally focused on this and we deeply appreciate your patience and understanding as we make this happen.

Much love and appreciation, everyone. It takes a village and we’re grateful for you…our tribe.

Nicholas Woodman
GoPro Founder & CEO


Whats been your experience with the Hero3 cameras? Have you had problems?

Drift Launches Mobile App Enabling Remote Control Over the Drift HD Ghost Action Camera

Drift Innovation, the award-winning action sports technology company specializing in the capture and sharing of digital imagery, launched the Drift App for compatible Apple™ mobile devices which pairs with the Drift Datalink system found in the Drift HD Ghost action camera. The Drift App provides remote control of the camera allowing users to use their mobile device to set up camera angles, stream video playback and share content instantly via social media platforms. The Drift App is available now in the Apple™ App Store and is coming soon to Google Play for Android.

“Whenever you have the Drift HD Ghost mounted to a helmet or positioned somewhere out of reach, the mobile app is essential to frame your angle and ensure you get the best shot,” said John Rounds, Managing Director of Drift Americas. “The Drift App features extremely low latency so you can see exactly what the camera is looking at on your mobile device and line up shots instantaneously. The Drift HD Ghost also comes equipped with its own Wi-Fi network enabling users to stream and download pictures and videos on the spot, using their phones to upload content instantly to their favorite social media channels.”

The Drift HD Ghost communicates with compatible Apple™ and Android mobile devices to a distance of up to 295 feet (90m) using its built-in Wi-Fi network. When the Drift App is paired to the camera’s Drift Datalink system, users have the ability to control their Drift HD Ghost remotely, set-up and playback shots within the view screen, and also monitor the camera’s battery life, all on their mobile device. The Drift App also filters content by media type for playback in the gallery, allowing users to select their best video and still shots to share on social media sites.

The Drift App uses a similar user interface as the Drift HD Ghost making it intuitive to control, with a built-in ‘how to use’ section highlighting the small differences between the App and camera.

For the latest information and a video tutorial on the Drift App, visit http://www.driftinnovation.com/driftapp.

The Drift App works only with the Drift HD Ghost (using firmware version 1.1.40 or newer) and is not compatible with older Drift cameras. The Drift App is compatible with iPhone 5/4S/4, iPod Touch 4, and iPad (all generations). For optimal stability, users should deactivate the 2-way remote control from the Drift HD Ghost settings menu. While using the App, video mode is restricted to 25/30 FPS in any resolution.

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